Saturday, November 10, 2012

San Clemente & More Family Fun!

After staying with Grandma and Grandpa we were delighted to be able to stick around in California and see some of Taylor's other relatives! We headed down to San Clemente to stay for a couple of nights with his beautiful Aunt Karen and wonderful Uncle Steve (the same aunt and uncle who own the Colorado cabin that they so generously allowed us to use.) Taylor has had the joy of growing up with one of the most loving, supportive, and fun families anyone could ask for, and I have the privilege of calling them my family as well! We are two very lucky people and are grateful to have all of them in our life!

Not only did we get to spend some quality time with Karen and Steve, but we also got to see Taylor's cousins, Erich, Brad, and Cassie. His Grandparents also came down for a couple more days to spend together, so it was a whole lot of family fun!

Since we enjoyed their little zoo in Big Bear so much, Grandpa and Grandma treated us, as well as Erich and Brad, to a day at the San Diego Zoo! It turned out that we must have chosen a good day to go because the animals were all active and interesting, rather than snoozing in their dens! It was also special for us to get to spend an afternoon with Taylor's guy cousins, with whom he has countless fun-filled memories from growing up that he greatly cherishes (stories that I have heard again...and again...and again, by the way! haha). With his extended family all living on the west coast, it is rare that we get to see them, so we enjoyed every minute of our time together!

The view from Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve's house!
Grandma and Grandpa

Cassie and Aunt Karen

Poor Taylor...he's a good sport

Brad and Erich...We all felt a little funny about taking this pic seeing as toddlers were assuming the same position for it moments before!



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