Saturday, November 17, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas

From Albuquerque we drove many long and boring hours to see my absolutely wonderful Sister-In-Law, Carli! Carli is Taylor's "middle sister" and has been living in Dallas for a little while as a Special Education teacher, and seems to truly love it there! We arrived later in the evening and quickly changed outfits, being sure to throw on some boots, because Carli had one plan in particular for our short time in the city---Two Steppin!! We met some of her friends and were introduced to the world of two stepping! Two steps back with the right, one step back with the left (for the ladies that is)...piece of cake! :) It was a really fun evening and neat to get to enjoy something that we definitely hadn't experienced before! For some reason they don't seem to have too many two stepping joints in PA!? Haha!

Unfortunately our time in Dallas is very short as we need to continue east in order to make it home in time for Thanksgiving! Maybe we will be able to make it back here one day for some more two stepping!


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