Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End

It's hard to believe that after two straight months of living on the road, traveling every single day, and sleeping in new places each night, we are actually HOME! We arrived to Taylor's parents' house last night where we will be living for the next month or so. As much as we absolutely LOVED our road trip, it feels wonderful to be settling in somewhere again.

On a scale of 1-10 of how awesome our road trip was I'd say we would have to give it a 12!!! We had the most amazing experience over the past 8 weeks and will always remember everything fondly! We grew even closer as friends and as a couple and are already looking forward to the next road trip in our future!

Here is our ROAD TRIP in a brief summary:

  • 59 Days from start to finish (9/20/12 - 11/19/12)
  • 33 Nights spent sleeping in the tent
  • 29 Night spent sleeping in a hotel or friends' house
  • 288 Hours spent in the car (that's 12 days exactly of driving 24 hours a day! phew!)
  • 13,641 Miles (sorry Toyota leasing agreement...guess we will be having some overage fees, huh?)
  • 3 Stops by policemen...and 3 Warnings! We didn't get a ticket the entire trip until the second to last day when we got a stupid parking ticket in Nashville! Boo!!!
  • 1 Flat tire
  • Favorite Meal: Loaf of Bread + Block of Cheese....cheapest meal we could come up with and most filling!
  • Favorite Place We Visited: Allison- The Redwoods National Forest / Taylor- The Grand Tetons
  • Favorite Drive: Allison- New Hampshire and Vermont...oh the colors! / Taylor- Pacific Coast Highway
  • Favorite Memory: Allison- The Elk Attack (see Yellowstone post for the story) Scary at the time but a funny memory now / Taylor- Climbing the Grand Teton (also see his post for story and amazing pics!)
A big thank you to all of our friends and family who were generous enough to host us as we made our way through the states! We SO much appreciated all of your hospitality and kindness to us, as we know that sometimes we were very last minute with our calls and often quite stinky! THANK YOU to...

Dana & Kristen Smith

Jason & Heidi Lang

Hillary & Calvin Brue

Gwen & Andrew Little

Bob & Lyndy Holzwarth

Karen & Steve Sherman

Stu & Ruth Matheson

Jennice & Marley Cote

Carli Motsenbocker

Jess & Abby Motsenbocker


I guess that now it's back to the real world for Taylor and I! Thanks to everyone who read along with us in our travels and for all of the love and encouragement that we got from all of you!




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