Thursday, November 1, 2012


Taylor and I arrived in the beautiful state of Colorado late Sunday night. We had the priviledge of staying with some family friends of mine, Bob & Lyndy Holzwarth, who also lived in Saudi Arabia when my family did and have kept in touch with my parents ever since. It was SO nice to stay in their beautiful house and sleep in their comfy guest bed and eat the delicious meals they prepared for us! What a treat!

Early Monday morning we headed over to Denver Seminary (option #2 for my grad school starting in the Spring!) They definitely kept us busy all day while we were there, visiting classes and meeting with professors and other faculty. It was wonderful and we really loved everything that we saw at the school. The only downside is that that means our decision between Denver and Gordon Conwell (Boston area) is now going to be that much more difficult! Ugh!

Another fun thing that we got to see while in the area was the Garden of the Gods. In the park are enormous, bright red rocks that reach toward the sky in a way that nothing else in the area seems to; it makes you wonder how they got there! The colors were spectacular and some of the rocks were absolutely incredible to look at as they balanced on top of one another, looking as if one gust of wind would send them toppling over!

We enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Holzwarths on Tuesday morning and then said good bye so we could head toward our next destination- Taylor's Aunt and Uncles' Colorado Cabin!! The generous and amazing Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve just finished building a gorgeous cabin outside of Canon City and offered to let us stay in it for a few days! We were like two kids in Disneyworld when we pulled up to the house! It is absolutely stunning, while still being completely cozy! We enjoyed lots of fires in the fireplace, cooking on an actual stove, and even got to watch a few movies! We felt so spoiled and will definitely miss the cabin when we are back in our tent with no plumbing and no electricity!








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