Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa's!

After our exciting night in Las Vegas we headed to Big Bear Lake in California to spend some time with Taylor's wonderful Grandparents. Taylor (and now myself!) are blessed with two of the most loving and encouraging grandparents around, thus making our visit with them something that both of us had been looking forward to for weeks! (Also the home-cooked meals and cozy house in the mountains didn't hurt!)

During our few days with them we ate our weight in delicious food, helped with some projects around the house, took a boat around the beautiful lake and even hit the zoo! After weeks of camping and hiking (i.e. Taylor's things) it was a delight to get to enjoy the animal park as something a little more "Allison". Haha!

There was one family member that was not so thrilled by our visit- Tigger the cat. Tigger is Grandma's enormous feline friend who basically hates all other living things aside from her. What did that mean to me?....A challenge! I was determined to make Tigger my friend by the end of our stay. This pretty much just looked like me following around an annoyed cat while he growled and hissed and tried to swat at me with his claw-less paws. We may not be BFFs, but he did let me pet him a few times and rubbed against my leg when he thought that I wasn't looking. I'll mark that as a near success! :)

Breakfast at a local spot...check out the size of those pancakes!!

Taylor doing some Mac tutoring...a comical turn to the evening!
Tigger, my friend, though he just doesn't know it yet

Enjoying some Mule Deer kisses

So glad we got to see a Grizzly through a fence instead of our campsite!

World's chubbiest Cougar!

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